Is there any pc version of whatsapp

Is there any pc version of whatsapp. Жмите "Подробнее" и смотрите все по теме, либо посмотрите видео

How to get WhatsApp on PC / Mac. Though there is no official desktop version of WhatsApp available, one way to access WhatsApp on PC is to run the Android version of the app inside a suitable Android emulator.
With some proper tools, you can download and install Whatsapp on PC in only a couple of minutes. Afterward, you will be able to use the service and enjoy the same features, in the same way as you do on the mobile version.
Whatsapp Web version on PC.Pros and Cons of Using Whatsapp Web Version Method: I am writing about the pros and cons first because there is some requirement that your phone should full fill in order to use this method.
Whatsapp, the famous cross-platform messenger, has finally released a web client version of its popular platform for computers, but there are a couple of limitations that will prevent many users from having access to it. Until this time, the only way in which we were able to use Whatsapp for PC was...
WhatsApp is a trademark of WhatsApp Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Whatsapp™ For PC is an independent project developed by Hashim Mansoor and has no relationship to WhatsApp or WhatsApp Inc.Version.
Android: Download Whatsapp Messenger from Google play. There isn’t any official release of WhatsApp PC version unfortunately, however, we are going to Emulate it on our computer, through 3 simple steps without any hassle.
Unfortunately, there is no official PC version of WhatsApp available till now and I’m sure that there will be no such plans as they want to keep it alive for longer as a messaging app for smartphones and featured phones only.
Here is a guide on how to get WhatsApp for PC download without BlueStacks. Update : WhatsApp is now officially available for PC and we have updated this guide with the latest and official WhatsApp Web Desktop version tutorial.Features of WhatsApp for PC.
I want to know why the whatsapp don't writing arabic on pc Is there any solve to write in arabic where's the problem from the pc or from the version. User. hitendraupadhyay |.
Download whatsapp Latest Version for Android Whatsapp Free apk.Dutch providers are also not happy with the advent of internet messenger apps because they do not earn here. Is there a WhatsApp Download on iPad or PC version?
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