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Not Sure What Size For a Profile Image However if its To Big it Will let you Crop the Picture that will make it Smaller So you Can Add The Picture.
akshay1188/whatsapp-image-compression. Last active Mar 19, 2016.Usually when an image is already small enough in size, we would not want to reduce its quality to 50%.
Source: What is the Size of Whatsapp Profile Picture?If you upload image which is bigger than max size then WhatsApp scales down the image to 640x640px.
I was playing around with a wide variety of image sizes to learn how Whatsapp compresses them. For example, an image with dimensions 3264?2448 (3 MB)...
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If you desire to set full size profile Profile Picture without cropping in WhatsApp for iPhoneThe best way use picsart editor in that use square fit tool to make a full size image as your whatsapp dp.
Simply re-sizing an image to square shape will leave if looking out of sorts and ‘compressed’. It won’t look good as your WhatsApp profile pic!
The Reason Behind This Is :- Whatsapp Reduces The Image Size To Make It load faster And Serve it To Others Without Wasting much Time .
There was an error while loading the image. We'll keep trying to load it if you stay on this page.Check out 17 photo files at my 4shared folder WhatsApp Images. Name Size Date Added Add to...
3.) Now this makes you to resize the full size photo in a square frame of WhatsApp.And also use flexsy app and enjoying different expression images.
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