Blackberry messenger and whatsapp

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WhatsApp Messenger has been optimized for BlackBerry 10 users, offering instant push notifications even when your screen is locked! It also scans contacts automatically so you have a list of exactly who you can contact through WhatsApp.
WhatsApp for BlackBerry is available for download from this location. However, no valid BlackBerry browser has been detected.NOTE: you can also download WhatsApp Messenger from BlackBerry World.
С мульти-мессенжером WhatsApp вы сможете общаться с владельцем любого смартфона.PS: Преимущество What’s App — это работа на всех мобильных платформах; тогда как преимущество BlackBerry Messenger защифорванная передача данных.
WhatsApp is a cross-platform smartphone messenger available for BlackBerry® and 4 other major handsets. WhatsApp Messenger utilizes your existing internet data plan to help you stay in touch with ...
Крайне небезопасным мессенджером является популярный WhatsApp – пересылаемая информация в нем не шифруется.Но по совокупности всех факторов BlackBerry Messenger на сегодняшний день является самым безопасным и защищенным способом общения !!!
BlackBerry Messenger and WhatsApp Head to Head. Both WhatsApp and BBM use their own unique methods of running their proprietary messaging services. Thus there are some differences between the two in terms of functionality and features.
BlackBerry Messenger, which recently emerged as a popular messaging application, ever since it has gone cross-platform.But when it comes to features and how reliable an instant messenger is, there is a tough fight between BBM and WhatsApp.
I often get asked what is the best way to spy on WhatsApp, BlackBerry Messenger or some of the other instant message services for cell phones. Some cell phone spy software programs can monitor these apps but why is it becoming important?
Want to chat with WhatsApp users from your Blackberry Smartphone? Then you should download and install official WhatsApp messenger for your ease of usage. You can get that from Torrent and other website.
К сожалению, в отличие от WhatsApp, здесь необходимо создавать свой список контактов BBM с чистого листа. Если вы меняете девайсы, с которых запускается BlackBerry Messenger, то можно сохранять на облако резервную копию списка контактов...
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